finding “Rhinestone Jesus”

last evening while my husband watched some british flick on netflix i flipped through instagram aimlessly. i’ve recently searched my bookshelves for a book to grab, and hold, my attention and have felt completely unmotivated to move beyond the first few pages. so i’m on instagram and i see that happy little lovelies has just received a new book from the nester and it looks beautiful and super interesting so i quickly follow the nester to see what she’s all about.  while checking her out on IG i see this gorgeous canvas from red letter words and i see a picture of a book called “Rhinestone Jesus, Saying Yes To God when sparkly, safe faith is no longer enough” written by Kristen Welch who blogs at we are that family.  you’ve probably heard of her, i had not. the title of her new book intrigued me, so i downloaded the free sample off ibooks followed quickly by the rest of the book. i suggest you do the same. i cannot stop reading this book and as i read it i cry because it speaks to me. He speaks to me, Jesus-The Holy Spirit- all at once and all so powerfully. i’m afraid to even think with my rational brain about what i’m possibly being pulled towards.

as i finish my midwifery training and prepare to take the narm exam can i possibly be so naive as to think His plans for me are to stay here and serve first world women? my husband likes to remind me that one of the first things i told him when we met was that i felt drawn to helping women and mothers in third world countries, particularly in africa. i remember him making fun of my “save darfur” t-shirt. from the book “i have always thought of myself as a compassionate person. since i was a young girl, i have loved people and wanted to do good. but somewhere along the way in my christian walk, i’d forgotten the most important thing: Christ. i wanted clean compassion, the kind that is more about me feeling good about what i’ve done, the kind that could be covered by writing a check and not investing anything else.”who had i actually helped with my darfur shirt? i’m halfway through the book and i just keep feeling those powerful waves of emotion/fear/excitement pour over me and into me and i have no idea what it all means. i keep thinking how lovely it would be for mercy house to have a midwife on site, how this would cut the costs and empower these amazing young girls. but i’m trying not to think. i want to keep reading and keep hearing. and i hope you’ll read it, too.

has a book ever touched you like this? has someone’s story of redemption convicted you into action?


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